Bougainville offers a tourist a wide range of attractions and adventures to be had.


It is a region defined by natural rugged beauty, historical significance and exotic wildlife and fauna. Tourism is recognised as an industry that provides various benefits to all sectors of society and is widely encouraged.

Bougainville’s recent turbulent past has impacted on the development of the region in a number of ways.

The current status of general infrastructure imposes some restrictions and the international perception of Bougainville as an unstable, dangerous place to visit has impacted on the ability to attract foreign investment.

However, the people of Bougainville and its government have persevered to create an environment of stability.

They are keen to develop a robust economy, dispel misconceptions and grow Bougainville into a prosperous region, through sustainable, low-impact industries such as tourism.

Knowledge of the catalysts of Bougainville’s decade long civil war, a respect for the strong cultural traditions in Bougainville and recognition of the pride of the people of Bougainville in their natural heritage, cannot be underestimated when considering any commercial activities in Bougainville.

1.Buka-Caving,fishing snorkelling and scuba diving
2.Wakunai and Mt Balbi-bird watching, wildlife and trekking
3.Arawa -Snorkelling ,Village stay
4.Kieta-Fishing Yachting and Arovo Island
5.Panguna- Birdwatching, Orchid viewing, Panguna mine
6.Torokina-WW2 relics, sinkholes Numa Numa Track
7.Buin- Admiral Yamamotos Plane wreck, Little Tokyo Scuba Diving

For a unique Bougainville tourism experience