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Bougainville Experience Tours (BET): Based in Arawa

Bougainville Experience Tours (BET) is a locally-owned tour company based in Arawa Central Bougainville.


Picture above Zhon Bosco with his blue team volunteers at PNG International Tourism Expo Port Moresby September 2014

BET currently organises packaged tours (1-7 days) for individual visitors and small groups of travellers who went to explore into this untouched paradise

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“an island of dreams and an experience you will never forget”

The boss

Grew up in Bougainville but had limited education because of the crisis
In 2006 as a musician went to Fiji for a cultural festival and could see the opportunities to develop tourism back home.
Between 2007-08 used his pocket money to develop a small tours
From 2009 to present worked closely with Bougainville tourism to market international our island  as a unique nature ,historical and cultural destination
Has been able to visit Australia on a number of occasions to study International Tourism Marketing
And support of
Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority: Proudly promoting Papua New Guinea as a desirable tourist destination since 1993.
Visit: www.tpa.papuanewguinea.travel
Email: info@papuanewguinea.travel

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Picture above: Zhon Bosco (centre) with Richard from Vanuatu (right)
Guest speaker: 2011 International Indigenous Tourism Conference, Perth ,Western Australia
Zhon Bosco has been working with many Aboriginal Tourism operators in Australia to develop Indigenous Tourism
Here talking with Ernie Dingo travel reporter for Channel 7 Great Outdoors
Representing Papua New Guinea Sydney Australia Travel Show

Colin Cowell -International Indigenous Tourism Marketing

Volunteer on this project

Picture above: Taking tours into village near Kupie Central Bougainville 1971
Worked in Bougainville 1970-75
In conjunction with various communities ran walking tours throughout the island (see above)
Returned in 2010 for Mona Festival and met Mr Bosco and gave him a commitment to assist.
Last twenty years Indigenous tourism in Torres Strait, Cairns, Alice Springs and Ballarat developing Internationally acclaimed product
Toured with Red Centre Dreaming  Aboriginal dance group to 17 countries 1997-2010

For a unique Bougainville tourism experience