According to the 2000 Papua New  Guinea Census, The Autonomous Region of Bougainville (then North Solomons) was  175,160.

Of this 90, 014 were males and 85, 146 were females. The majority (98  %) of the population lived in the rural areas .

Between 1980 and  2000, the population of North Solomons increased by 36%.

The total land area of Autonomous  Region of Bougainville is 9,300 square kilometers

The population density is 19  persons per square kilometer.

The 1980 Census indicated a population density of  14 persons per square kilometer.

  Population Distribution by  Regions: South Bougainville 25%, Central 35% and Northern 40%.

It is estimated that a population  of 15 000 – 20 000 lives were lost during the “crisis” from 1987  to 1997.

Bougainville Districts

Each province in Bougainville P. N. G. has one or more districts, and each district has one or more Local Level Government (LLG) areas.

For census purposes, the LLG areas are subdivided into wards and those into census units.[4]

District District Capital LLG Name
Central Bougainville District ArawaKieta Arawa Rural
Wakunai Rural
North Bougainville District Buka Atolls Rural
Buka Rural
Kunua Rural
Nissan Rural
Selau Suir Rural
Tinputz Rural
South Bougainville District Buin Bana Rural
Buin Rural
Siwai Rural
Torokina R

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